The ‘Coolest of All’ Show on INTER, a new format to premiere on Ukrainian TV Based on The American Smash Hit ‘Little Big Shots’

The ‘Coolest of All’ Show on INTER, a new format to premiere on Ukrainian TV Based on The American Smash Hit ‘Little Big Shots’

28 August 2017 | 18:23

September 10th, 2017 the TV Channel INTER launches the premiere of a format unique to the Ukrainian television: the dynamic and spectacular children’s show, ‘The Coolest of All’ featuring our incredibly talented and amazing children. Each of them possess truly extraordinary abilities and our television team has decided that it’s time for the whole nation to be proud of their young heroes! The show will be hosted by the star-spangled male duo: Andrei Domansky and Andrei Danylevich. Both are well-known TV personalities, loving fathers, exceptional athletes and intellectuals with a great sense of humor.

The project ‘The Coolest of All’ is the adaptation of the wildly popular American show ‘Little Big Shots’ of the NBC TV channel, which is created and produced by Warner Horizon Television, a division of Warner Bros. Unscripted & Alternative Television. The U.S. version was #1 most-watched new series of last season in total viewers and the #1-rated new alternative series in adults 18-49 when it premiered. “Little Big Shots” was the It was also the most-watched new alternative series on any Big 4 network in six years.  Since it has already been successfully performed successfully in more than ten countries throughout the world, we are confident that the ‘The Coolest of All’ will follow suit.

Unlike the original format, featuring talented and remarkable kids from across the U.S. and the world, the Ukrainian version will have a more dynamic action - acquaintance with six children with unusual abilities. These cool kids will demonstrate their talents for the whole country.

The range of their abilities is astounding: from ancient art of water painting and speed assembly of the Rubic cube to outstanding achievements in boxing, singing, natural sciences. Andrei Domansky and Andrei Danylevich will help the children to express themselves as brightly as possible as well as to inspire them to further their skills.

‘This is one of my favourite TV formats so far,’ says head of Inter Media Group Anna Bezludnaya. ‘These children make you feel delight and amazement; they are very moving in their frankness. They are unpredictable and sincere – you just look and you can’t imagine what is going to happen in the next minute.’ We, adults, tend to discuss some political and social issues… Yes, this is our adult life with all its problems which we can’t get away from. But our life without children wouldn’t be complete. And this part of life seems to be left out. But this is a serious life, a real one. It gives a lot, and to the grown-ups as well. Because the answer to the question ‘what kind of future does a child have’ lies in what you are investing in him or her. First of all, of course, is the family. I think that quite a few parents beholding the gifted children in our project will ask themselves whether they give enough to their offspring. They can also accomplish something and become the coolest of all!’

The selection of the phenomenal participants began in December 2016 and lasted more than six months. ‘We are sure that every child is unique,’ says project producer Natalia Jun. ‘And it was not that easy when choosing from those that are second to none in every field to avoid the viewers’ questioning ‘why exactly this kid appears on stage, why we show namely them?’    
In this talent show there is no competition between the participants. There are no judges and no losers.  The key aim of the project is to showcase how talented our children are, give them faith in themselves and in new victories.   Therefore, after the performance every little talent will receive a commemorative medal captioned ‘Coolest of All’.

“I know from my children that watching a talent show they turn on the spirit of rivalry: if they can do it, why can’t I do it?’ said Andrei Domansky. ‘Therefore, I think that the kids will find the project interesting and even useful. This program will be loved by parents, both present and future, because it teaches that every child has limitless potential and with continuous training they can be ‘Coolest of All.’ The result of what you see in the program is the time, energy, patience and willingness to help and support children by one or both his or her parents. There are no other recipes.’

The production team creates an individual world for each of the child prodigies on stage with original props for each hero: trampolines, ice arenas, a billiard room, fight rings or a range of custom motorcycles. All against the backdrop of a stunning video series, designed specifically for each young talent.

The kids are supported and guided to new accomplishments by celebrity athletes, musicians and choreographers including: Alexander Usik, Vasiliy Virastyuk, Oleg Vernyaev, Alina Bessonova, Andrey Pyatov, Dmitry Monatik, Dmitry Shurov, Alena Vinnitskaya, Open Kids, Vlad Yama, and Vladimir Oleinik, just to name a few.

‘I am confident that the program will be very popular, since for the time being the Ukrainian television has not witnessed anything like this unique product,’ said TV presenter Andrei Danylevich. ‘Our television, inundated with reality shows, has very few enrichment projects about children and for children and their parents, programs that show how amazing, talented and beautiful our kids are.’

Don’t miss! The children’s talent-show ‘The Coolest of All’ on Inter starting September 10, each Sunday at 18.30.    

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