'Material Evidence': the Most Successful Premiere of the Year on Ukrainian Television

'Material Evidence': the Most Successful Premiere of the Year on Ukrainian Television

25 November 2016 | 15:17

Inter TV channel has produced a series of documentary detective stories named 'Material Evidence' ('Veschdok'). The new show has increased audience in a daytime slot at 50%, and it is the third week it continues strongly to lead in its slot.

'Material Evidence' has become a unique phenomenon in the modern domestic television, overcrowded with entertainment format shows. Inter's detective documentary on weekdays daytime not just keeps leadership in its slot, it constantly increases share. Millions of people has become constant viewers of 'Material Evidence'.

On the premiere day, November 7, 'Material Evidence' has become the main event of the day on Ukrainian television. The share was 20.4% among the 18+ audience, Ukraine. Furthermore, series established itself as the most successful premiere line of the year. On November 23 a new episode 'Family Honor' has collected the maximum share from the start once among two main audiences: 22.5% among viewers 18+ throughout Ukraine and 15.1% commercial audience 18-54 in large cities. Two million people watched this episode.

Each episode based on a true story of the crime that has never been told. Events depicted in 'Material Evidence' took place on the territory of Ukraine. It's part of our history from 1945 to 1985, which has long been classified as 'Confidential'. The show offers a viewer to become a detective and together with operatives find new circumstances of the crime and solve challenging puzzles. Thanks to one of material evidence, a minor, at first glance, detail a complicated case can be unraveled.

People's lives and characters that stood out in every story on the background of an intricate criminal case is one of the success component, believes the creative team of 'Material Evidence'.

'Material Evidence' from Tuesday to Friday at 2 p.m. on Inter and its official YouTube channel.

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