Situation With Blocking Inter TV Offices Becomes Critical

Situation With Blocking Inter TV Offices Becomes Critical

6 September 2016 | 10:56

The main TV center Inter Media Group where Inter TV and NTN channels broadcast from has been besieged for two days now. A group of NTN’s reporters as well as employees ensuring the continuous telecast were again unable to arrive at their workplaces.

It happened at 7.15 am this morning because the group of persons who have been blocking the main TV center Inter Media Group for the second day now had fenced the entrance into the TV center’s territory. After Inter Media Group staff members had displayed their official IDs and explained that they were reporters, they were physically obstructed from making their way to their workplaces. The actions of persons blocking the reporters’ access to their workplaces manifest outright obstruction of journalists’ legitimate professional activity which is a criminal offense in Ukraine. 

Over the past three days Inter TV Channel has filed 10 applications claiming the offenses to the General Prosecution Office of Ukraine, Ministry of the Interiors, Security Service of Ukraine and the National Police of Ukraine. No response of the law enforcement agencies has been received to date.

The operation of Inter Media Group’s main TV center has been blocked by unidentified persons since 9 am of September 5, 2016. Access to and exit from the premises have been blocked, the main gateway is barricaded with automobile tires. TV crews are unable to leave to their shooting destinations. The TV center being a most complex operational facility and high fire hazard building requires uninterrupted attention of the specially trained personnel. At the moment, part of Inter Media Group staff has been at their workplaces for the second day in a row ensuring fault-free operation of the TV center.

Inter Media Group and Inter TV channel have repeatedly reported the offenses and made public statements state requesting that power authorities and the President of Ukraine interfere with the situation, promote efforts towards unblocking  the TV channel and guarantee security of mass media outlets and their staff members.

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