Mark 'Streets of Heroes' on Inter's New Interactive Map

Mark 'Streets of Heroes' on Inter's New Interactive Map

13 April 2016 | 11:32

As part of the all-Ukrainian action 'Nobody is forgotten' Inter TV channel has initiated a new project 'Streets of heroes'. It aims to keep the memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, who gave the names to squares, streets, parks of our cities and villages.

Khokhlovykh family street, General Vatutin Avenue, Ivan Kudrya street... Do we know, whose names have streets we are living on? What a feat did these people make? For instance, Nikifor Sholudenko street is named after the commander of a tank platoon reconnaissance, who was the first to break into the center of Kiev during the liberation of the city. The burning plane of a pilot Mikhail Stolyarov crashed into the center of Dnepropetrovsk. Afterwards this place was named after a pilot in memory of his heroism. Anatoly Dobrodetsky from Kharkov in the battle for his native city shot down 3 enemy planes, and when he was out of ammo rammed a German fighter. Now one of the streets of Kharkov bears his name.

Anna Bezlyudna, Head of Inter Media Group:

'These are not abstract names... These are the people, which we are proud of. In fact, we owe them our lives. 'Streets of Heroes' is the continuation of a large project of Inter TV channel 'Nobody is forgotten', in which we restore and invite all to restore the monuments of soldiers who protected our homeland from the Nazi invaders. I think it is extremely important project that helps to feel foothold. There are things that are immutable'.

Online on we created an interactive map of Ukraine, where anyone can mark the 'street of a hero'. Fill in a form on the website, tell the story of man and its feat, after whom the street, avenue, square is named. Little-known facts and the most interesting episodes from the lives of the characters will be told on Inter on the eve of Victory Day.

'Streets of Heroes' on YouTube -

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