'Heads and Tails' has become the best entertainment

'Heads and Tails' has become the best entertainment

27 June 2014 | 13:07

Popular show 'Heads and Tails', produced by TeenSpirit Studio and is broadcasted in Ukraine on Inter TV channel, has become a winner of TAFFY the prestigious television award in the category Day Live.

'Heads and Tails' is one of the most successful TV formats, developed and made in Ukraine. Today the show is broadcasted in different countries, namely in Ukraine on Inter TV channel and K1, in Russia on the channel 'Friday', in Kazakhstan watch it on Seventh Channel and in Poland on TTV. For the first time travel show 'Heads and Tails' was aired on Inter on February 2011. Every weekend two hosts visit one city. According to the show's rules, one them has only 100$ for living for all weekend, another one can spend money which are on the unlimited credit card. To decide who of the two will live on 100$ and who will get a gold credit card before each journey hosts toss a coin. Heads or tails?

Over the three years eight seasons were shooted. Various hosts pairs alternate. Today the show is hosted by Kolya Serga and Regina Todorenko. A crew of 'Heads and Tails' traveled all over the planet - civilized Europe, mysterious Asia, faraway lands and uncharted islands, secrets of the oceans and the great mountains. Several years now exciting adventures of 'Heads and Tails' have consistently high viewership ratings on all channels where the show is broadcasted.

Commented Natella Krapivina, show producer: "First of all I want to say thank you to my partners Helen and Eugene Sinelnikov, Nikita Chizhov, Catherine Tourova. If one day we have not met, none of this would be. I am grateful to everyone who has been involved for many years in creating this show, to all hosts and certainly Inter TV channel for believing in us. Thank you our viewers for watching us".

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