Inter has fixed up a monument to Eternal Love in Kyiv

Inter has fixed up a monument to Eternal Love in Kyiv

7 May 2013 | 23:37

On the 7th of May in the heart of Kyiv the Mariinsky park on the initiative of Inter TV channel the unveiling of an unusual monument to Eternal Love took place. The story of real people a Ukrainian Mokryna Yurzuk and an Italian Luigi Peduto - the heroes of Inter TV Channel’s show 'Zhdi menya' (Wait For Me) - inspired to creat this sculpture.

It was in 1943. He – an Italian PoW, she – a Ukrainian displaced worker. Luigi Peduto and Mokryna Yurzuk met in an Austrian war camp to spend two years together. The war bonded them, and the war did them apart.

Luigi will remember the Ukrainian beauty with dimples on her cheeks for all his life... And will find her after 60 years. They will meet in 2004, on Inter TV Channel's show 'Zhdi menya'.

Commissioned by Inter TV channel sculptors Oleksandr Morgatsky and Gregory Kostjukov recreated the touching moment how Luigi and Mokryna first met in the studio after a long separation.

Henceforth, Kyiv had got one more sightseeing attraction. The monument to eternal love that conquers distances, overpowers time and outfights wars shines near the Lovers Bridge.

Yegor Benkendorf, The Head of the Board of Inter TV Channel: 'The fact that this monument was erected to real common people and not fictional characters really inspires me. These people went through the war, a lot happened during their lifetime but they continue to love so much years later... The story worthy to become a symbol of eternal love'.

The unveiling of the monument visited Italian Ambassador to Ukraine Mr. Fabrizio Romano, Head of Kyiv City State Administration Oleksandr Popov and, of course, the management of the Inter TV channel - Chairman of the Board Yegor Benkendorf and Member of the Board and Chief Editor of the channel Anton Nikitin.

The main protagonist of this event a 90-year-old Luigi Peduto came from Italy. Unfortunately, for health reasons Mokryna waited for him at home, but she sent her granddaughters to the opening of the sculpture. Luigi was so flattered that his emotions easily could have been enough for two. For the first several minutes he couldn't say a word and finally concluded:

'When I was a schoolboy teacher told us that after all hardships the reward comes. Today I finally got my reward'.

How correctly noticed the Head of Kyiv City State Administration Oleksandr Popov the place for the monument had been chosen not by accident. The newly-weds in Kyiv traditionally come to Lovers Bridge and put locks on a handhold as a symbol of long and happy marriage. From now on this place has its own guardian angels - Luigi and Mokryna. The first to establish tradition to take picture at the monument were just married Julia Khanevych and Yuriy Bartoshevsky. At this very place their wedding ceremony took place.

Anton Nikitin, The chief editor of Inter TV channel: 'We have become accustomed to this story, we often go back to it, talk about how Luigi came to Mokryna and mowed raspberries... This is for real. It is hard for us to to believe in some eternal things. That love is eternal, that the relationship did not end, that man can went through the war, the distance and borders. We are opening this monument on the eve of the Victory Day. It will decorate the city of Kyiv. And your story has already become an ornament of our lives!'

However, the unveiling of the monument - is only the beginning of Eternal love stories, which will find continuation in the Internet.

Inter TV Channel initiates another new tradition. Take a picture at the monument, show how much you love each other and post the picture in social networks with #vichnalubov hashtag. This will be your love message to eternity guarded by Luigi and Mokryna. The full story of Luigi and Mokryna you can find on their personal page. Feel free to express your feelings here.

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