Yaroslav the Wise - the Greatest Ukrainian of all times

19 May 2008 | 16:37


At the end of the closing show of the "Velyki Ukrayintsi" (The Greatest Ukrainians) project "Inter" had announced the results of national voting for the greatest Ukrainian of all times. It became to be Kiev knyaz' Yaroslav the Wise.

Project had been going on for eight months. During all this period of time around two and a half million votes of TV-viewers had been received. This is a world record.

On April 11 the thousand and the ten of our greatest compatriots had been announced, chosen in a result of voting by mail, SMS, phone calls in which the whole country took part. In the next 35 days the "Inter" TV-channel had been showing documentaries of its own production about each of the ten greatest Ukrainians.

By the starting moment of the final program 1 533 591 (one million five hundred and thirty-three thousand five hundred and ninety-one) votes had been received. By the end of the voting there had already been 1 621 049 of them.

The votes allocated the following way:

1. Yaroslav the Wise -  40 % votes
2. Nikolay Amosov - 19,88 %
3. Stepan Bandera - 16 %
4. Taras Shevchenko - 9,3 %
5. Bogdan Khmelnitsky - 4,02 %
6. Valery Lobanovsky - 3,18 %
7. Vyacheslav Chornovil - 2,63 %
8. Grigory Skovoroda -1,73  %
9. Lesya Ukrainka -1,64 %
10. Ivan Franko - 1,49%

The format of the TV-project was purchased by "Inter" TV-channel from BBC, its original name is 100 Greatеst Britons. By the way, for the first time in history of the native television Ukrainian TV-channel purchased not an entertainment but a social-political project.

After the success of the British project in 2002 "The Greatest" in its time was chosen in USA, Germany, France, Finland, Czech Republic, Belgium and other countries. And everywhere the project had become to be not just a new TV-show but a famous national action realized by television. In France during the project political debates were raging but in the top-ten of the greatest just one politician appeared - it was Charles de Gaulle. In USA, on the contrary, 7 of the ten were presidents, the greatest of them became Ronald Reagan. There was no place for Byron among the greatest Britons, and Winston Churchill surpassed Shakespeare himself.

In Ukraine the results have also turned out to be quite unexpected: Taras Shevchenko, the first person to remember when talking about the greatest Ukrainians, occurred to be on the firth place. The third place of honor went to Stepan Bandera - leader of Ukrainian nationalists, chairman of the OUN Line.  "Silver" went to Nikolay Amosov, the surgeon that achieved particular success in the surgical treatment of the heart, lung diseases and also in the branch of modeling of brain psychic functions.

And the name of the greatest Ukrainian became to be Yaroslav the Wise - the person thanks to whom Kiev Rus’ turned into a powerful European state; during the time of his reign "Pravda Yaroslava" (Yaroslav’s Truth) was compiled (the most ancient part of the laws of Old Russian rights - "Russkaya Pravda" - Russian Truth).

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