Tikhonova Zhanna

Tikhonova Zhanna

hostess, "Zhdi menya. Ukraina" (Wait for me. Ukraine)


I was born a little town Polyarny, Murmansk region. There I’d spent the first 10 years of my life. My town was far from civilization (in the contemporary meaning of this word) but on the other hand there were sleds, skis and skates, the aurora polaris, the snow-covered hills – what can be better to have a happy childhood?

At the age of five I felt an interest to the stage. I started grand concert activity, in fact, inside of my parent’s apartment. I recorded numerous mono-performances: myself as a director, the actor, the invited guest and the accompanist.  I got a great opportunity to apply my talents during school years: I took part in amateur activities competitions, shows of the Club of the Funny and Inventive, wrote to the school news-papers. I used to do everything fast, in a good manner and with great enthusiasm…
I felt the real taste for studies when I entered Kiev pedagogical University. It’s quite understandable: on the philological faculty we didn’t study exact sciences, which I hated. In late 90-s the job of Russian language teacher was not promising at all, that’s why I decided to start my career on the radio. I gave 6 years of my life to the FM-broadcasting and I don’t regret about this , although currently I can’t listen to the radio at all :)

I got in TV by pure accident: one day I tried to get a job as a secretary of one of the directors of the channel. The perspicacious mister (great thanks to him) suggested for me to show my photos to the channel’s executives.  Three months later that I was invited to do screen test, and then I got a job of the host in the morning show. Notice – during a half of a year the service car took me away at 4 a.m. But at 9 a.m. my working "day" was already over. My first words on air were "Hello! This is "The Press review" at "Inter" channel".

Then I became a host of the " Wait for Me" program. It’s hard to believe that now it is its seventh year. The project became a part of me, and there is nothing more to say. Show "Soviet country" kindly sheltered me while I was pregnant. It was funny (Mila, our stylist, received the "funniest" part): I arrive to the next shooting after a week and the suit is too tight for me already.

I give thanks to the television for making my creative and personal ambitions a reality. Otherwise I would have had no other choice than to look for my "audience" somewhere else. So, I guess, this is the end of the story by far. And a lot of things are going to happen in the future, and it’s great!