Bondarenko Anatoliy

Bondarenko Anatoliy

host, "Zhdi menya. Ukraina" (Wait for me. Ukraine)


Anatoliy Bondarenko is a journalist, editor, a presenter of the "Inter" channel. At the moment he is working in the search-project "Zhdi menya. Ukraina"  (Wait for me. Ukraine), that received the "Telezirka" (TV-star) national prize (2006) as the best social program of the year.

He began his creative career in the Main editing of UT information - he worked as a releasing editor of  "Aktual'naya kamera" (The Relevant Camera) and "Novosti" (The News) programs.

In1989-90 he created his own author's informational program "Vechernie novosti" (The Evening News) which was broadcasted every Thursday in the break of the Youth Studio "GART", and afterwards became popular and began to come out every day.

In the year 1992 he became one of the pioneers-discoverers of the revolutionary (by that time) commercial independent (firstly, from the national budget) TV-channel UT-3. He was chief editor of the creative group of the Saturday broadcast, author and host of several music and entertainment programs ("Hit-rik" (Hit-Year),  "Dlya Vas" (For You), "Winner" and others), the co-author and host of "Vecherniye razvlecheniya dlya vzroslyh" (Evening Entertainment for the Elder). All the programs were of particular interest due to the fact of live broadcasting. 

In April, 1997, he came to young and green" "Inter" with the entertainment projects "Hit-rik" and "Zirky"  Starting from 2002 he helps people to find their relatives in the search-program "Zhdi menya. Ukraina" (Wait for me. Ukraine). Being an editor,  he is responsible for the documentary programs of the foreign producers BBC, Discovery and others, and also for the one-time entertainment and show-projects (Miss Univerce, Miss World, Miss Europe and others) on "Inter" as well.

 Things that he loves most: by its own and his family - his wife Natalia and son Andrew (that certainly also work on the television, it couldn't be the other way, after all);

...American Cocker-Spaniel Timofey, cat Marusya, the hand-made winter garden and his little "ZuZu" - Suzuki 'Grand Vitara';

...adores travelling, taking videos and photographing. The most extreme trip was the participating in the sail "Grand-regatta" on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Columb’s discovery of America (on the "Ikar" yacht crossed the Atlantic ocean);

...Mikhail Bulgakov (not unique, but how else!);

...Robert Highline and Clifford Simak (good science-fiction writers);

...Vladimir Vysotsky, Queen, Deep Purple (just bred on such music) and Buddy Guy(you can’t help loving his unbelievable Chicago blues);

...Jack Daniel's (whiskey, because it is clear to be the best of the bourbons);

...hand-made marinated and fried shashlyk, and also the process by itself.