The documentary "Searching for the Ark" has won international award in Lebanon

The documentary "Searching for the Ark" has won international award in Lebanon

17 March 2011 | 20:11

Ukrainian-Lebanese documentary "Searching for the Ark" has won the main prize at Lebanon International Festival of Cinema and Television. The movie got "Golden cedar" award in "The best documentary" nomination at the festival, which was held 3-5 march 2011 in Beirut (Lebanon). 19 short films and full-length documentaries from Syria, Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Canada and Ukraine took part in the contest.

The documentary was produced by "07 Production Studio" (Inter TV channel) and "Alpha Production Studios" and directed by Ivan Kravchyshyn.

"One of the soviet movies says - "The East is tricky"… To do a movie about Mikhail Naimy we had first to find people who understand his difficult language, and what is more, speak this language in their everyday lives in Ukraine. We managed to find them, and it emerged that they told us much more interesting things about his philosophy, then some savants- consultants, – the author and director Ivan Kravchyshyn says.We did a movie as an instructions for viewer's understanding of human emotion mechanism of action and didn't try to amaze people with juicy details. Our consideration turned out to be the right one – Lebanon viewers enjoyed the movie. We managed to build an invisible bridge of understanding between them and us, because an emotion doesn't have any barriers, it has just one language – a feeling".

"Searching for the Ark" – is a first philosophical documentary in the history of Ukrainian-Arabic relations, this movie consolidates spiritual and cultural ties between two nations.

The documentary shows how the ideas of the book "Book of Mirdad" (one of the works of great Lebanon philosopher Mikhail Naimy) appear in our life and how to use this knowledge to meet difficult situations and trials in everyday life.

The "Book of Mirdad" overwhelms by its depth. Renowned Indian philosopher, a founder of mystic teaching, Osho has said about it: "Millions of people have written books, trying to express what is inexpressible, but all of them have failed. I know just one book, "Book of Mirdad", in which the author has succeeded in it".

The legend, philosophy and poesy have interlaced in this unusual book in a magic way.

The premiere date of the documentary "Searching for the Ark" at Inter TV channel will be announced further.

Author: Ivan Kravchyshyn

Producers: Dmytro Ovechkin, Hassan El-Hoseini

Director: Ivan Kravchyshyn

Editors: Tetyana Artemenko, Vitalina Formanchuk

Camera men:Serhiy Lukyanets, Vikenty Klauning

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