The Inter's Triumph!

The Inter's Triumph!

15 October 2010 | 11:37

Yesterday, on October the 14, the 10th Anniversary Teletriumph Award Presentation Ceremony took place at International Centre of Culture and Art, also known as October Palace. It was a historic event for Inter as our TV-channel won 14 nominations!

A sitcom Svaty (The Matchmakers) became the supreme leader from among all the winners - it won 6 times in 6 opportunities!

The creators of the TV series were presented to award in nominations "Feature TV Series", "Feature TV series/film director" (Andrey Yakovlev), "Feature TV Series/Film Producer" (Boris Shefir, Sergey Shefir, Vladimir Zelenskyi, Sergey Sozanovskyi, Andriy Yakovlev), "Feature TV Series/Film Actress" (Liudmila Artemieva), "Feature TV Series/Film Actor" (Fedor Dobronravov), "Feature TV Series/Film Script Writer" (Andrey Yakovlev, Mikhail Savin, Andrey Ilkov, Timophey Sayenko, Yuriy Mikulenko, Yuriy Poymanov, Alexey Zhelenkov).

Vladimir Zelenskiy won in "TV Programme Script Writer" nomination.

The BUM (The Battle of Ukrainian Cities), the Inter's version of wipeout format took 2 statuettes. It won in "TV Game" and "TV Design" nominations.

The Inter special reporter's, Andriy Tsapliyenko, "Dr Heim. Experiments on people" and "Tango with Dakar" also won in two nominations: "TV Documentary" and "Special report".

Samiy Umniy (The Smartest) became the best programme for children, and Shkola Doctora Komarovskogo (Dr Komarovskiy's school) became the best educational one.

Sosedi (The Neighbours) TV series was presented to award as the best TV novel.

Also Inter won in another 4 nominations: "TV Series/Film Operator" (Radik Askarov, Nebo V Ogne (Sky In Fire), Star Media production), "TV Series/Film Light Designer" (Oleg Belous, Pravo Na Pomilovanie" (Forgiveness Right), Star Media production), "TV Series/Film Production Designer" (Oleg Ukhov, Nebo v ogne (Sky In Fire), Star Media production), "TV Documentary Series" (Posledniy Getman (The Last Getman) of Taynaya Istoriya Ukrainy (The Secret History Of Ukraine), Dmitriy Haritonov studio production).

We're proud of the winner! Congratulations!

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