Inter TV channel

Inter TV Channel is the Ukrainian national broadcaster since 20th of October 1996. Its shows are suitable for a mass audience and consider needs of all social and age groups.

Inter is a part of  Inter Media Group, that has highest figures of TV watching. Along with Inter TV channel the Media Group includes Inter+, NTN, K1, K2, Enter-film, Mega, ZOOM and Pixel TV channels.

Service Area

Inter is broadcast via terrestrial broadcasting and cable network of the country. Its total coverage is – 94,3%.

Since December 30, 2002 the channel's programs can be watched over 24 hours a day.

Since January 8, 2016 satellite reception of the group's TV channels performed with the ASTRA 4A satellite.


On June 30, 2015 National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio has once again extended broadcasting license of Inter TV channel up to 2022.

In-house TV Production

Primarily, Inter's success is due to a powerful base of own TV production. Today Inter's ether consists of talk shows, social programs, documentaries, large-scale concerts, dedicated to different events. The channel holds TV marathons on Victory Day, Independence Day, St. Nicholas Day. They have already become a regular phenomenon on the channel.

In 2007, as part of the media group was formed '07 Production' studio, which is engaged in the production of documentary films and television programs. Since the channel has regularly started to air shows of its own production, it firmly took its place in the Ukrainian television documentary. Currently '07 Production' crew produced more than 30 hours of documentary content. Films of '07 Production' have been the winners of prestigious festivals in Ukraine and abroad.

Inter Is a Channel of Special Events

Besides the production of TV content, Inter creates socially significant projects that go beyond the ether and have a great public resonance. Thus, the channel opened several monuments in different places of Kyiv. Among them a monument to eternal love, inspired by heroes of Inter's show 'Wait for me', a monument dedicated to the memory of outstanding Ukrainian director Andrey Benkendorf. A memorial panel 'Our Regiment' in Kyiv Park of Eternal Glory is a tribute, respect and gratitude to those who during the Second World War defended our homeland.

To the 70th anniversary of Victory Day Inter has initiated all-Ukraine action 'Nobody Is Forgotten'. It aims to to restore the monuments of soldiers all over the country.

Inter published a unique book-album 'People of Victory', dedicated to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, and released it on the anniversary of Ukraine's liberation from Nazi invaders.

Since 2014 the channel conducts a charity online auction 'Miracle Begins'. Its main purpose is to raise funds to purchase medical equipment for children's hospitals.

International Broadcast

On 13 January 2004 Inter launched its international version Inter+. The round-the-clock broadcasting of Inter+ is aimed, above all, at outreaching ethnic Ukrainians living abroad, as well as Ukrainians who staying away from their homeland by giving them a true picture of life in modern Ukraine.

On 18 June 2003 the National Board of Ukraine on television and radio issued the broadcasting license for Inter+ for the year 2010. In 2010 the license was extended for another 10 years.

Inter+ airs best programs of Inter, the programs of other channels of Inter Media Group as well as best televison product from regional Ukrainian TV studios.

Today Inter+ broadcasts in encrypted form with three satellites covering the whole of Europe (including Iceland), the entire territory of Turkey, the entire territory of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East, the entire territory of the United States (including Alaska), southern Canada and the northern part of Mexico, as well as the Baltic states.

Other projects

In 2006 Inter established the first in Ukraine specialized TV school Interschool. The School functions as a high-class TV specialists training centre. Interschool provides training for producers, directors, script writers, journalists, cameramen etc. The best graduates are invited to cooperation with Inter Media Group.

A separate production studio 'National Information Systems' (NIS) produces news for Inter TV channel. Daily Inter has 8 news releases, including the final evening edition of 'Podrobnosti' that gives picture of the day. On Sundays at 8 p.m. 'Podrobnosti Nedeli' gives a summary of the week. Online resource is visited daily by about 70 thousand people.