Independence Day on Inter: special episode of morning show, 'Words of Born in Ukraine' project and documentaries of own production

Independence Day on Inter: special episode of morning show, 'Words of Born in Ukraine' project and documentaries of own production

18 August 2014 | 15:54

Morning with Inter

On August 22 watch a special episode of Inter's morning show dedicated to the people, events, discoveries, which our country can be proud of. Our crew has spent a lot of preparatory work to find interesting, but little-known facts about Ukraine and Ukrainians. For instance, few people know that cinematography was invented in Odessa, not France. Two years before Lumiere brothers in 1893 an engineer from Odessa Joseph Timchenko invented a movie camera. He filmed horses and showed 'moving pictures' at the Congress of Naturalists in Odessa. He called his first film 'A galloping horseman'. Unfortunately, Timchenko was late to patent his invention, so world cinema history knows a name of Lumiere brothers.

Moreover, morning show on the eve of Independence Day includes a story about all the Nobel laureates who have Ukrainian roots. History knows six such people. One more story tells about our young talents, whose inventions and discoveries have been successfully implemented in the world of adults. And of course we won't forget about young Ukrainian champions in different sports.

Our journalists prepared a special report from one of the oldest settlements on the territory of nowadays Ukraine, which is town Kealia (Odessa region). Kealia is supposed to be founded in VII BC as a part of the Greek colonies. The first written sources relate that Alexander the Great founded Kealia in 385 BC. Contemporary royal dynasties of Europe also have Ukrainian blood, and our morning team of course will find out and tell who exactly. More interesting stories in Morning with Inter on August 22.

Born in Ukraine Say (Words of Born in Ukraine)

On the occasion of Independence Day Inter's promo team is preparing a special project for cross-program air called Born in Ukraine Say (Words of Born in Ukraine). It is quotes of outstanding people born in Ukraine as well as quotes about Ukraine.  We quote Nikolai Gogol, Mikhail Bulgakov, Taras Shevchenko, Vasyl Stus, Alexander Oles, Pavlo Zagrebelnuy and Alexander Vertinsky.

Watch the project on Inter beginning from August 22.

Documentaries of own production

On Sunday, August 24, watch two documentaries produced by Inter TV channel. The first one called 'Bogdan Stupka. Forget the word death' is a winner of the television prize TV Triumph-2013. It is a bright biography story told by a great Ukrainian actor himself. The second is called 'Kvitka. The voice in a single copy' and is dedicated to the memory of the outstanding personality - the world-famous singer of Ukrainian origin Kvitka Tsisyk. Kvitka Tsisyk is an American who became the embodiment of the Ukrainian soul.

Also on Sunday, August 24, Inter will show the last large-scale adaptation of Nikolai Gogol's works, the feature film 'Viy', based on the novel. Inter TV channel has participated in the film production. Film of local production has become the absolute leader of Ukrainian film distribution in the past few years, its box-office in Ukraine amounted to about 40 million UAH.

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