A social movie of Inter Media Group calls on give a hand to refugees from the east

12 August 2014 | 16:33

Today Ukraine lives through one of the most painful periods in its recent history. Hostilities have swept eastern regions. Thousands of people are involved in a military confrontation, among them are civilians.

In a brace of shakes thousands of Ukraininas have lost their houses, homeland, habitual way of life. They were forced to begin life anew. Today these people more than ever need our help.

For this purpose all channels of Inter Media Group start showing a social movie appealing to give a hand to refugees, our compatriots from the east.

A short movie about refugees Inter's promo crew created in one day. As well as an idea of the movie, that starts with a girl peacefully playing with dolls and ends with a completely unexpected plot twist, was born very quickly.

Alexey Pasichnyk, Inter TV channel promo director:

- The basic idea of our movie it is a call to support those who have lost everything but hope! These people have lived through a lot. Their fate is truly dramatic. They need our help and support. It is important not to stay away. Idea of unity is extremely important today in Ukraine.

The management of Inter Media Group calls on all Ukrainian TV channels and online media to support our social initiative. We are ready to share our movie for placement in air and on web pages.

Movie on YouTube