Inter beats its own summer record

Inter beats its own summer record

30 July 2014 | 13:04

New episodes of the series 'Flighty woman' on Inter continue to attract viewers' interest. Thus, on Tuesday, July 29 series collected a share of 22.1% among 18+ audience (all Ukraine) as well as among commercial one 18-54 (50+) share was 15.5% (rating - 7.1% / 4.1 %). In this slot Inter was half ahead of his nearest competitor among the target audience 18+ (all Ukraine).  

Thanks to the series, as well as further growth in viewership figures of 'Morning with Inter' channel by the results of Tuesday broke his own summer record among 18+ (all Ukraine) and in general led among both audiences with viewership figures of 18% / 11%. 

TOP-5 channels among 18+ audience (Ukr) (July 29, 2014; shr% 18+ (Ukr) / 18-54 (50+)) 

These data belongs to ITK, provided by Inter TV channel. The analysis was performed among the audience: 18+ and 18-54. Location: All Ukraine, cities with population over 50 thousand people. Period: July 29, 2014 (Overnight). The data provided for the indicators of share and rating. More details here.

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