A new record of this summer

A new record of this summer

29 July 2014 | 11:38

On Monday, July 28, there was a successful start of a series 'Flighty woman' on Inter TV channel. Share of the first episodes among 18+ audience (all Ukraine) was 20.2% as well as among commercial one 18-54 (50+) - 12.6% (rating - 6.6% / 3.3%). As a result, Inter has become the absolute leader in the slot among both audiences. 

TOP-5 channels in the slot of the series among 18+ audience (Ukr) (July 28, 2014; 20:46 p.m.- 23:22 p.m., shr% 18 + (Ukr) / 18-54 (50+)) 

Primetime series as well as strong positions of the off-prime shows helped Inter to set a record of this summer among 18+ audience (all Ukraine), having collected 17.7% of share that is twice ahead of its nearest competitor. 

These data belongs to ITK, provided by Inter TV channel. The analysis was performed among the audience: 18+ and 18-54. Location: All Ukraine, cities with population over 50 thousand people. Period: July 28, 2014 (Overnight). The data provided for the indicators of share and rating. More details here.

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