Inter's documentary about Beatitude Vladimir has headed Sunday day slot

Inter's documentary about Beatitude Vladimir has headed Sunday day slot

14 July 2014 | 15:18

A documentary 'Beatitude Vladimir', produced by Inter TV channel and dedicated to the life path of Ukrainian Orthodox Church Metropolitan Vladimir, has become a leader of its slot on Sunday, July 13, having collected a share of 12%/10.3% (18+ (Ukr)/18+ (50+)). The total viewership of the film was more than 2 million people. 

TOP-5 channels in documentary's slot by the audience 18+ (Ukr) (July 13, 2014; 11:13 a.m.- 12:02 p.m.; shr% 18+ (Ukr)/18+ (50+)) 

July 12 it is nine days after the death of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Metropolitan Vladimir. 

The documentary 'Beatitude Vladimir' shows people who knew Metropolitan well: priests and bishops, the believers, for whom he was a spiritual mentor, fellow villagers. The film consists of stories told by these people and is illustrated by archive materials, biographical sketches about the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and its ministry to the Church, as well as of excerpts from interviews with Metropolitan Vladimir, recorded in different years. This is a film about a man who became a head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in a difficult time, gave his entire life to God and went to pray for all of us. 

These data belongs to ITK, provided by Inter TV channel. The analysis was performed among the audience: 18+. Location: All Ukraine, cities with population over 50 thousand people. Period: July 13, 2014 (data Overnight). The data provided for the indicators of share and 1 sec coverage. More details here.

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