Best summer holidays on Inter

Best summer holidays on Inter

20 June 2014 | 18:46

Inter TV channel prepared several presents for its youngest viewers. During summer holidays on weekdays mornings children meet the most popular cartoon characters. For instance, next week kids and their parents will see adventures of the "Shaun the Sheep".

From now morning exercises children do together with the famous athlete Olympic medalist Denis Silantiev.

Our "Tabloid" reveals secrets of how best children movies and shows were created. Watch in the next episodes - "Soviet cartoons that conquered the world", "The good old Christmas tales", "Mary Poppins, Goodbye". Backstage secrets","Cartoon voice actors","Cartoon characters prototypes","Lives of the actors who played the characters of fairy tales","Directors storytellers","How the favorite Soviet cartoons were made","Guest from the Future" Backstage secrets". 

Our "IQ-mothers Club" help parents to solve the most urgent problems of their children during the summer holidays. For example, how to choose a bike.

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