The Olympics Opening on Inter gathered the highest rating on Ukrainian TV this year

The Olympics Opening on Inter gathered the highest rating on Ukrainian TV this year

8 February 2014 | 12:28

On Friday, February 7, 2014 Inter TV channel broadcasted live the Opening ceremony of the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. The broadcast of this event became the highest-rated product on Ukrainian television this year, with share of 30.9% and rating 14.7% among the most mass audience 18+ (Ukraine). Almost 15 millions of Ukrainians of different age watched the opening. Totally more than 3 billions TV viewers watched the ceremony around the world. 

Yegor Benkendorf the Head of Inter TV channel Board comments:

"The Opening of the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi is really important and outstanding event. And we are proud that millions of Ukrainians have joined this grand fest by watching the TV broadcast on our channel. We'll continue to inform the audience about the games in our special reports of Morning (Ranok) TV-program and in the newscasts. The whole Ukraine wishes Ukrainian athletes to perform decent results and win prestigious awards".

For three hours Roman Kadiemin and Zhanna Tykhonova were commenting Olympics' Opening on Inter's air.

Describing his impressions Roman Kadiemin said:

"We are lucky being involved to, I insist upon this word, the Great event that has been amazing imagination over the Ceremony by its scale. We had to work hard during a preparation stage, but finally the well-coordinated work of all team allowed to reach a perfect result. We thank the viewers for appreciating our efforts".

Zhanna Tykhonova noticed:

"The most interesting thing is that such events draw attention not only by staginess and importance. They introduce the state of implication and unity with the whole planet. Just imagine, billions of people on the Earth live through the same experience and emotions at this very moment. Me and Roma were honored to play the role of guides into this wonderful world of sport, health and beauty for our dear compatriots".

In the broadcast slot Inter's share among the audience 18+ (Ukraine) was twice higher than the one of the nearest competitor and almost thrice higher among the audience 18-54 (50+).

TOP-5 channels in the slot of The Olympics Opening (07.02.2014, slot 18:00-20:59, share 18+ (Ukraine) and 18-54 (50+)).

Generally, this day Inter took confident leadership among both main audiences: the channel share among 18+ (Ukraine) totaled 20.5%, among the audience 18-54 (50+) – 14.9%.

The TV audience research data belong to ITK, provided by Inter TV channel. The data are calculated for the audiences 18+; 18-54; 4+. Regions: all Ukraine; cities with population over 50,000. Period: 07.02.2014 (Overnight data). The data provided for the indicators of share, rating and one second coverage. Check more details about the indicators in the ITK glossary.