Savik Shuster is launching his project 'Shuster Live' on 'Inter' TV channel

19 February 2013 | 16:10

KYIV, February 19, 2013. In order to develop the political broadcast on the TV channel, the Heads of 'Inter' have offered Savik Schuster the cooperation. The replacement of the project 'Justice' with the Savik Shuster`s project 'Shuster Live', is explained by the need to increase ratings of the political broadcasting. Yevgen Kyselyov, who is responsible for the political programs on 'Inter', commented: 'Nowadays, the program of Savik Shuster is the most popular political talk-show in the country, and its output on 'Inter' will significantly strengthen the position of the TV channel.

The first program, 'Shuster Live' will be showed on Friday, February 22, 2013 at 20.30, on 'Inter' TV channel. Commenting on his work on 'Inter', Savik Shuster said: " 'Inter' is the leader of the television market, and the output of the 'Shuster Live' on 'Inter' will significantly expand the audience of the program."

Despite of the changes in the broadcasting of 'Inter', the TV presenter, Hanna Bezulyk, will proceed working on the channel. Commenting on this decision, Hanna Bezulyk  said: "This decision is in the competence of the channel`s management. Me and my group were given a job offer on the TV channel,  and now we are searching for the format, that will be of  ' Inter `s' interest."

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