Inter launches the new season of 'Big Policy'

30 August 2012 | 14:33

On Friday, 31st of August, 'Big Policy with Evegeniy Kiseliov', starts the new season on 'Inter'. It will be aired at a new time: 9.p.m – right after Podrobnosti evening news magazine. The format of 'Big Policy' will be changed significantly. Every episode now will include the political duels of the political parties` leaders, competing for the parliamentary seats in the Verkhovna Rada of the next convocation.

For its first episode 'Big Policy' invites the representatives of the TOP-3 in the lists of Party of regions and the United opposition. Serhiy Tigipko has already agreed to visit the 'Big Policy' studio and join live discussion with Arseniy Yatseniuk. The head of the Party of regions` public campaign, Serhiy Tigipko, is on the way to Ukraine from his business trip to London,  where he was the Ukrainian governmental representative on the XIV Paralympic Games. We are still waiting for the Arseniy Yatseniuk`s reply.

Along with the duel political battles, the 'Big Policy' will also have a lot of other novelties. For example, the new big rubric, 'Political Cinema Hall' will appear.  We will show documentaries, serials, movies on various political and historical topics.
Let’s start with the princess Diana’s story. It will be 15 years after her death on the 31st of August.  Was it the tragic occasion? Or, maybe, this automobile catastrophe was rigged? "Who killed Diana?" –the British documentary, that will be shown you this day. And why are all sorts of conspiracy theories so popular? What role do they play in politics?

Why do people still believe in unusual deaths` of the famous people: from Napoleon - to John Kennedy, from Stalin - to nowadays Ukrainian politicians? What is the truth and what is the lie? We will try to find out the answers on these and many other questions while discussing our documentary.

Along with this the traditional and well-loved genres of 'Big Policy with Eugene Kiseliov': the interviews, distance conferences, special reports, commentaries, round table discussions on the most important topics will remain.

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