Inter TV channel

Inter TV Channel is the Ukrainian national broadcaster since 20th of October 1996. During all that time it has managed to hold the leading position in the domestic television market. Its position Inter holds due to the wisely chosen conception of family channel, which considers needs of all social and age groups in Ukraine.

Inter is a part of  Inter Media Group. Along with Inter TV channel the Media Group includes Inter+, NTN, K1, K2, Enter-film, Mega , ZOOM and Pixel TV channels.

Inter is a nationwide channel not only in terms of the size and technology of its signal distribution, but in terms of its structure, as it has representative offices in many regional centres of Ukraine. Steady reception of channel's signal from analogue transmitters is available for more than 40 million people.

The channel provides informational support to the development of Ukrainian show business and negotiates large-scale social events. According to numerous contests, Inter repeatedly won in different nominations and was recognized as the best channel of the year.

Performance indicators

Inter is the most popular channel in the country and the most preferred one among the TV-viewers. The  fact is proved by the rating figures.  In 2011 Inter has left behind the other Ukrainian channels according the rating and share according to major television audiences - "18+" и "18-54".

Broadcast zones

Inter TV Channel reaches the audience through on-air broadcasting and cable networks of the country, covering  99,7 % of Ukrainian territory.


On October, the 23, 2001 Inter received a new license to broadcast and transmit teletext on the territory of Ukraine. The license is valid till July, 2015. Since 30 December, 2002 Inter airs round-the-clock.

In-house TV Production

The success was first of all due to the powerful production base of the channel. Year to date Inter's in-house production include social projects, informative and entertaining programs, talk-shows, games and educational programs.

In 2007 the '07 production' Studio launched the documentary and entertaining production within U.A. Inter Media Group. Since the time when the first domestic product appeared in the air, Inter has secured the niche of Ukrainian documentary. The films, produced by '07 production' have won a lot of award on the national and international festivals.

The same year the news production was transformed into a separate production studio - National Information Systems. Due the work of this innovative structure one third of Ukrainian viewers prefer to watch news on Inter.  Every day the channel offers eights news updates including the evening edition – 'Podrobnosti' (In Detail) that provides entire picture and detailed snapshots of daily events.  Every Sunday at 8 p. m. 'Podrobnosti nedeli' (Week In Detail) give the political analysis and informational summary of the week.

Inter Media Production company shoots TV-movies and series for Inter.

In-house Cinema Production

Inter produced a lot of movies and series. It is worth to mention particularly  a very successful mysterious series 'Spellbound love', tv-movies – 'Love on asphalt', ironical melodrama  'Fur-tree, Rabbit and Parrot', romantic comedy "7 days before marriage", ironical melodrama 'Don Juan's Confession', romantic movies "A Tale of a Man and Woman" and 'I want a baby'.

It became a good tradition of Inter to please its viewers with bright New Year projects. Each year they gather multimillion audiences not only in Ukraine, but in Russia as well. Those  are:

  • 2002. Vechera na Khutore bliz Dikan'ki (Evenings at the farmstead near Dykanka).Starring famous singers Oleg Skrypka, Ani Lorak, Philip Kirkorov
  • 2003. Zolushka (Cinderella). Director Semen Gorov, Starring – Verka Serduchka, Nikolay Baskov, Lolita Miliavskaya
  • 2003. Snezhnaya Koroleva (Snow Queen), based on the fairytale with the same title by Hans Christian Anderson, made in association with "RTR" channel (director Maxim Papernik starring Kristina Orbakayte, Nikolay Baskov, Gennadiy Khazanov and Sofiya Rotaru). Rating - 17,65%, share - 35,04% (2003).
  • 2004. Za Dvumya Zaytsami (Chasing Two hares), set on the play with the same name by Mikhaylo Staritskyy (director Maxim Papernik, starring Alla Pugachova, Maxim Galkin and Andrey Danilko). The musical's rating - 30,65%, share - 58,39% (2003). In 2004 Za Dvumya Zaytsami was one of the three best TV programs of Russian television along with New Year congratulation of the President Vladimir Putin to Russian people.
  • 2004. Figaro (Mad Day, or The Wedding of Figaro), based on the play of the same title by P. O. Beaumarche (together with Russian TV channel NTV). Director S. Gorov, starring F. Kirkorov. Rating: 16,75%, share - 39,34%.
  • 2005. "Served or Beware of Love" (directed by Max Papernik. staring Julia Rutberg, Aleksandr Baluyev)
  • 2006. "Star Holidays" (Director Semen Gorov, staring the Eurovision singers Tina Karol and Dima Bilan)
  • 2007. 'The New Year Movie or  Night in Museum" (director - Roman Butovsky, starring Zelenskiy and Verka Serduchka
  • 2008. 'Classmates.The New Year Reunion'
  • 2009. 'The Cossaks'
  • 2010. New year 'In-laws'

Our Partners

From the very time of its foundation till the present moment Inter always has had reliable partners, such as: European Broadcasting Union, UEFA and leading Russian TV companies:  The First Channel, RTR, NTV, Ren-TV, the Fifth Channel (Saint-Petersburg),  Russian Cinema Production Studios "Central Partnership", Phenix-Film, STV, Intra-Communication, the largest movie company of Hollywood - Sony Pictures Entertainment (former Columbia Tristar), Dream Works, Universal Pictures, MGM (Metro Goldwyn Mayer), Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, and also other foreign partners like Discovery, National Geographic, well-known brand Guinness World Records, the most wide-ranging company of Great Britain (and the whole Europe) - BBC and one of the greatest producers of Latin-American soap operas - Televisa.

In November, 2007 Inter and K2 Promotions company and alcoholic brand Nemiroff announced cooperation in promoting Ukrainian box. Since that time the license to broadcast box fights with brothers Klitchko belongs to U.A. Inter Media Group. The box fights are aired not only on Inter but on NTN, K1 and Mega TV Channels.

Our Awards

A precisely constructed technological chain, a systemic approach and the high professional level of journalists of the news and analysis department all provide Inter significant political weight and respect within Ukraine.

According to the results of numerous competitions and awards Inter's programs was named best. To see the detailed list of Inter's awards click here.

Inter TV Channel was the first to be fully represented on the international TV market: in April, 2010 Inter  for the eighth time has presented its own stand at the most outstanding events of the global TV industry - TV market exhibition MIPCOM and MIPTV (Cannes, France). Participation in such a prestigious exhibition has resulted in increase in sales of Inter's product abroad. Inter became a well-recognized international brand.

International Broadcast

On 13 January 2004 Inter launched its international version Inter+. The round-the-clock broadcasting of Inter+ is aimed, above all, at outreaching ethnic Ukrainians living abroad, as well as Ukrainians who staying away from their homeland by giving them a true picture of life in modern Ukraine.

On 18 June 2003 the National Board of Ukraine on television and radio issued the broadcasting license for Inter+ for the year 2010.

Inter+ airs best programs of Inter, the programs of other channels of U.A. Inter Media Group as well as best televison product from regional Ukrainian TV studios.

Today the digital signal from satellites covers the territory of Europe, Northern Africa, Caucasus, Middle East, the territory of Russian Federation, Asia and North America.

Other projects

In 2006 Inter established  Interschool the first in Ukraine specialized TV school. The School functions as a high-class TV specialists training centre. Interschool provides training for producers, directors, script writers, journalists, cameramen. To became a participant of the program the talented young people have to pass competition. In February, 2008 Interschool expanded its activity and launched the 'Comme il faut' program. To became a true comme il faut the participants study various discipline, such as acting technique, defile, photo plastics, visage, psychology of communication, speech standards and techniques.

Among Interschool partners and consultants are – Kyiv National Karpenko-Karyi University of theater, cinema and televison, "The First National School of Television", "Practica' Study Center (Russia), British Council in Ukraine, BBC, British School of Cinema and Television, and also the leading specialists in TV and cinema production: Krzysztof Zanussi , Ada Rogovtzeva, Volodymyr Talashko, Mikhail Marfin, script-writer Aleksey Poyarkov, editor Irina Kemarskaya, producers Nina Zvereva, Mikhail Kozyrev and others.

"Podrobnosti.UA" is an online news resource, first appeared in the web in December of 2000 to present the text version of news and special projects produced by Inter's News and analytical service. However, it soon has overgrown the task of mere processing and adaptation of the content. Nowadays ' Podrobnosti.UA' is full-fledged news web-site. It is one of the most visited Ukrainian media online and one of the most highly rated Ukrainian internet-resource. The average daily audience is about 60 thousand users. Over one million people visit the site monthly. Along with text versions of daily news 'Podrobnosti' (In Detail) and weekly analytical program 'Podrobnosti nedeli' (The Week in Detail), both aired on Inter, the web-site offers its readers the news update on major events in Ukraine and in the world, the in-depth analysis in journalists` articles, as well as many useful information, such as currency exchange rates and weather services, etc. The 'Forum' and 'Vox populi' sections bring the interactivity to the web-site.

Technical Base

Constantly upgrading its broadcasting the channel introduces the latest and the most powerful, up to the world's standards, TV technologies in the country.

  • Digital computer-based media technologies instead of filming systems
  • SDI Digital Standard (first in Ukraine) 
  • Fiber-optic for high-quality connection with transmitting stations and program sources
  • Using the advanced up-to-date technologies NewsRoom for production of news
  • Multi-channel automotive control room with the central video server with 237-hour capacity, that allows rendering of 90% of programs for four round-the-clock broadcasting channels and to increase the number of the channels up to 15 without interrupting the work of the server.
  • Up-to-date graphics system, that includes at least 10 working stations producing IDs and video announces of TV-channels programs.
  • Two sound stages and control system for reductions of phonograms with nonlinear Sadie stations and video disk recorders with high productivity and good quality for auding and dubbing of the movies.
  • Up-to-date digital TV journalists systems – more than 50 sets: 40 multi-purposed control rooms (for video and audio editing, capturing and rendering of satellite programs, viewing)
  • 4 digital control room and studio blocks. The largest blocks of 300 square meters is used for news productions. 
  • In the digital control rooms and studio blocks the up-to-date technology of 'Virtual Studio' is being used.
  • Among the perspective task is completing the works on creating of Central Electronic Archive, that will be integrated with all production systems and will allow to store and keep the good-quality media data during unlimited period of time.
  • At Inter's disposal is mobile reporters' TV station, which is particularly efficient due to complete autonomy and unique set of equipment: four digital TV cameras with 9-meters telescopic mast. The mobile station is also equipped with unique radio relay connection line, that provides receiving of good-Uplink makes possible reporting from any corner of Ukraine and European countries. 
  • The important tool for producing of non-studio programs – talk-shows, broadcasting of grand sports events and concerts – is the 14-cameras  Mobile TV Station. In fact – it is an up-to-date digital TV center always on the move.
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